Police & Sheriff Academy Training

Police & Sheriff’s Academy Training

Let Our Trainers Prepare You for Success

The better shape you are in when you enter police academy, the easier it will be to complete all the necessary coursework and the lower your risk of injury will be. At Academy Fitness, our personal trainers include former Sheriff’s department officers who understand the requirements of police academy firsthand and can help you develop the strength and endurance you need to succeed.

  1. Get Fit: The first step in preparing for police of sheriff’s academy is improving your strength and endurance. We can create a personalized program for you, including cardio, strength training, and other exercises that will become increasingly challenging as you get in better and better shape.
  2. Prepare for the Test: In order to graduate, you must pass the Work Sample Test Battery. We can help you prepare for this challenge with exercises targeting the specific muscles and movements you’ll need for test events like:
  • Obstacle Course
  • Body Drag
  • Chain Link Fence Climb
  • Solid Wall Climb
  • 500 Yard Sprint
  • 1.5 Mile Run

3. Learn Self Defense Skills: Many police academies require recruits to learn self defense and close combat skills. We can prepare you for this portion of your experience because we have trainers who specialize in self defense.

Ready to Enroll?

Take the first step towards achieving your goal of becoming a law enforcement officer by enrolling in one of our training programs today. Our personal trainers sincerely care about your success and we will work hard to help you get the most out of every workout and stay motivated until the end.

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