Personal Training

Personal Training

Are you struggling to meet your physical fitness goals? Maybe you lack the motivation to exercise consistently, maybe you’re afraid of injury, or maybe you aren’t sure which exercises are going to give you the results you want.

You need one-on-one guidance from an experienced personal trainer.

At Academy Fitness, we offer celebrity-style training in a private facility. You can rely on your personal trainer to listen carefully to your physical fitness needs and goals and then develop a custom training program just for you. Your trainer will teach you the correct form for each exercise and make sure you’re working at a pace that is challenging without being overwhelming. This will help protect you from injuries. Your trainer will also keep you motivated and engaged with varied routines that will deliver results you can see and feel.

Personal Training Options

We can incorporate a variety of different types of exercise into your training program, depending on your needs and preferences. Options include:

  • Cardio training
  • Core training
  • Strength training
  • Weight lifting
  • Body weight training
  • Dynamic exercise
  • Aerobics
  • Whole body training
  • Targeted training (leg day, etc.)

Police, Firefighter, and Military Personal Training

We offer specialized personal training for police, firefighters, and military. We can tailor your program to cover the skills and abilities you need to excel on the job. Contact us for a special rate, ID or badge required.

The More You Train, The More You Save

When you sign up for personal training at Academy Fitness, you’ll have the option of purchasing the basic, advanced, or elite package, depending on how many training sessions you want to commit to. Set the bar high—and save money—by opting for the elite package which includes the most sessions at the lowest per-session price.

Contact us at 714-943-6805 to learn more.

Personal Training
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