Fire Academy Training

Fire Academy Training

Are you interested in becoming a firefighter? Firefighting is an extremely rewarding job, but it is also very physically demanding. You definitely don’t want to show up for your first day of fire academy training unprepared. At best, you’ll struggle with soreness and exhaustion and look weak in front of your instructors and peers. At worst, you could get injured due to your lack of conditioning and lose your opportunity to complete the training.

Academy Fitness Can Help

At Academy Fitness, we offer specialized training courses designed to help you excel at fire academy. Our training courses have two main goals:

  1. Get Fit: Our physical trainers will help you build the strength and endurance you’ll need for fire academy. We’ll start slow and gradually increase the difficulty of your workouts in a way that is safe and promotes optimal improvement.
  2. Learn Specific Abilities: To succeed in fire academy, you need to pass a physical agility test that simulates some of the real-life tasks you’ll face as a firefighter. We can help you prepare for the test by creating a training routine that will help you develop the skills and abilities you will need for test events like:
  • Tower Climb
  • Hose Hoist
  • Tower Descend
  • Ladder Lift
  • Ladder Extension
  • Crawling Hose Pull
  • Rescue Drag
  • Hose Roll Carry

We’ll Keep You Motivated

Depending on your current fitness level, you may face a long path to becoming physically fit enough to pass the fire academy test and excel in course work requiring physical exertion. But don’t worry—your goals are achievable and our personal trainers will never give up on you. Instead, we’ll keep you motivated and moving towards your goals with a positive attitude and skillful training.

To learn more, please contact us at 714-943-6805 or enroll in one of our training programs.

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